My Life In Music

About the Music Pages

Below is the master jukebox which contains all of the music that can be found on the Bobs Bottom Pages. This is followed by links to other pages that contain material related to music projects and bands I have played in. There is plenty of live bootleg music, pictures, posters, an occasional video and other memorabilia to be found here.

The music is made available through a Wimpy Flash Music player. These generally have a list of play lists in their main screen which when clicked on will take you to the play list of songs. Technology is always changing and I am open to suggestions on better ways to play music from these pages. I'd also like to know if you are having any problems with the jukebox as I could find another kind if people are having a hassle with this one.

In some cases I have just plain links to the music. Just clicking on these will play the songs on the music browser you have on your computer, phone, pad, etc. The disadvantage is that you cannot select a bunch of songs and have them play continuously.

There are a lot of bootlegs that are just one long stream of music with all of the breaks in them, these can be fun as sometimes the banter between songs is entertaining. Eventually I will break them down but if anyone would like to volunteer to do so let me know. There are also plenty of times where I have forgotten then names of songs. If any knows the names let me know.

I am always interested in collection more music and photos or whatever else related to the bands you see below or any other music project i was involved in. If you have any be sure to contact me. Thanks to all of the many musicians i have played with over the years and whose works appear in these pages. I would be happy to place links on Bobs Bottom to your personal or band sites.

The Master Jukebox

Bobs Bottom Studios

I have been doing home recording since 2007. In that time I have put together a fairly nice collection of recording equipment and have learned quite a bit about recording. Most of what I have done involves recording my own music with me playing all of the instruments. I have at this time only had the opportunity to produce one project of other people's music. I am planning in the next year to get rolling with new projects so stay tuned.

No Work Tomorrow Project

The Bobs Bottom Project

The Bottoms Bottom Project involves all of the original music I have written over the years. There are a number of home recordings featuring myself playing all of the instruments. The highlight of the project is the Bob Bottoms Live Band where I recruited a number of my musician friends to perform all of my music live. The live show was captured in a 16 track recording which I mixed. You can hear it here.


Maggie and the Molecules

The Molecules played from 2001 to 2005 of which I was a founding member. It is a three piece featuring acoustic guitar, bass and drums. It is very eclectic and one of the few bands that features lead bass. We played a surprisingly large number of gigs and a bunch of live recordings can be found here.

Irene's Garden

IG is the premier local band out of Stevens Point WI that has been around since the 1980's and continues to makes music to this day. I was very honored to be their bass player from 2000 through 2005. They are jamming, creative, original dance rock band that defies description but is often referred to as a Hippie Disco band. If you are an IG fan this page is a virtual treasure trove of recordings, pictures, poster art, and a collection of set lists from the years I was a member.


The Loungers

The Loungers were only around from 2009 and 2010 but we managed to do a bunch of shows in this time. It features the original music of Walter Wright from IG as well as my Bobs Bottom music. It is Lounge Rock at its finest. One interesting feature is that we had two sets of guitar player vocalist combinations that would split the sets at our shows.


Old Stuff

This is a random collection of old stuff that dates back to the 1980's. Much of it was transferred from old cassette tapes. Some of the bands are Blue Avenue, Urban Scarecrow, and the Blues X Band.