No Work Tomorrow


No Work Tomorrow is the musical collaboration of:

  • Aaron Burklow - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
  • Jack Alexander - Vocals

The acoustic tracks were recorded in 2009 and were mixed as a stand alone acoustic EP. Then in 2010 they asked me to give it the full band treatment. This turned out to be really fun as I was given a full creative license to do whatever I wished with their songs. I added bass, electric guitar, keys, drums, and percussion. Both versions of the album are in the Jukebox.

We did do one live gig of the music with me playing drums and Jim Fairfield on bass. Unfortunately there is no recording of the live show which is the only time I have ever played drums at a gig.


  • This was recorded in Stevens Point Wisconsin.
  • There is a second acoustic guitarist on a few of the songs however his name escapes me.