Maggie and the Molecules

Maggie and the Molecules was a Stevens Point band from 2001 through 2005 featuring:

  • Maggie Weiser: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Flute
  • Jamie Saegert: Drums
  • Bob Davidson: Bass

The Molecules formed on a whim when I booked a gig at Witz End without a band. I had played a bunch of times with Jamie at open mics and the week before had heard Maggie sing at an open mic. Together with a couple of people from another band I played in we quickly whipped up a set in Maggie's living room and came up with the name Maggie and the Molecules. At this time it was also uncovered that Maggie was a prolific song writer and we included some her compositions in our show.

The gig was a success. The three of us along with keyboardist Walter Wright who played with us for most of our first year decided to stay together and give it a go as a band. Weekly rehearsals in Jamie's basement, often accompanied by his dog Bear who liked to howl back up vocals, we quickly realized we were on to something different. With no electric guitar playing leads we developed a sound that relied on a lot of lead bass work as well as intricate drum work. With Maggie's amazing voice and acoustic rhythm guitar the whole thing hung together marvelously well.

We managed to gig on very regular basis with shows in Wisconsin pretty. We played for small but adoring crowds. I guess we never really broke out of the local band scene but if you give it a listen I think you will agree there was a little bit of magic in Maggie and the Molecules.

Some quotes from MySpace:

Electric flowery bass leads with crazy and/or ethereal female vocals with acoustic rhythm guitar and creative powerful drums/ my opinion anyway.

We've been told we sound like a cross between Pink Floyd and Joni Mitchel. We've also been told we sound "a lot better than last time." So here's to next time!

Three piece original rock band from Central Wisconsin. Songs written collectively by the band, as well as individually by Bob Davidson or Maggie Weiser, and some material by former member Walter Wright. Jammy, dancey, jazzy, folksy, rock. Screamin' bass solos!


Molecules Notes

  • The Molecules were known for their extended jams and you could never be sure on a given night how the songs might go. In particular the song Chromium was a pure improvised jam based on a reoccurring theme.
  • For most of our first year Walter Wright played keyboards for the Molecules. he also contributed a number of his own songs, two of which Sometimes and Blues to Go we continued to play. He is on the About Our Witz CD in the jukebox.
  • Steve A McConnell played rhythm guitar with the Molecules for half a year in 2003. During his tenure we added a couple of cover tunes to our set list including Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd and War Pigs by Black Sabbath.
  • The Molecules made a couple of appearances on radio show on Club Wisconsin on 90FM including a live on the air performance.
  • We were honored to have been asked to play for the final weekend of Witz End.

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