Urban Scarecrow

I played with Urban Scarecrow circa 1989-1990 in Long Island, NY. It was me and a guitar player whose name I forget. It might be Eric so we will go with that. We fused his punk rock influences with my psychedelic jam rock influences to achieve total mind warping pandemonium. Eric was an amazing guitar player in his ability to use feedback and effects to achieve Jimi Hendrix like sounds - though he swore he never listened to Jimi. He was also into Syd Barrett and had that same psychotic intensity on stage. Our songs were pretty loosely worked out and one could never tell in advance how they might come out on any particular occasion. Eric tended to do bizarre things like throw his guitar across the stage. In fact he broke it at the end of our set on the recording. Though in his defense why was there a two foot long piece of steel I-beam sitting in the middle of the stage? - which was what the guitar landed on. We never were able to find a steady drummer and the one on the recording we had jammed with for the first time the night before the show. The show was at the Right Track Inn in Freeport NY which had been a major rock club in the day but by 1990 was on its last legs. I think it was only surviving by charging local musicians like us to play there - yeah the good old days of pay to play. We played about 40 minutes and captured 8 songs on tape from the soundboard. There are 5 originals which are Eric's creation, the Jam which was based on an idea I had, plus three covers. Eric made up all new words to Pink Floyd's Fat Old Sun. There is even a cover of a Public Enemy Song - you don't hear rock bands cover rap songs very often especially back then. All in all it was a lot of fun until later that year when I moved out of state. I always wondered what happened to Eric, possibly he was sharing a room with Syd at the Sanitarium. I suppose I will never know - so here's to you Eric wherever you may be.