Bobs Bottom Creative Enterprises is dedicated to the creation of sights, sounds, and thoughts. The act of creating is what sets a humans apart from all other creatures we know of. It is what makes us unique. To take advantage of that ability and soar with it to the greatest heights we can achieve is the measure of what a person can achieve.

This site is what I have achieved in my own flight to the greatest heights I can reach. All that I am that I can say is meaningful is within these pages. It is a work still be created. There is much to still be added both of what I have done and will do. But just as significantly by bringing it all together is the opportunity to try and understand the whole body of work that is Bobs Bottom Creative Enterprises. It will be interesting to determine if this is just a collection of work; some good, some mediocre, and some great, or is the whole something more than the sum of its parts.

I hope you enjoy these pages and that they inspire you to go both within and beyond yourself and create your own.

Music is the most marvelous of all languages. It speaks to us in ways that words can never portray. It is a difficult language in that it so big and hard to pin down. There are so many things I have learned to say in music but there are even more things I wish to say, but I do not know how to, at least yet.

The Music Pages

The thirst for knowledge is a good, but it is not a good in itself. It serves a purpose. Knowledge is static, is just is and does nothing on its own. It is to sit and ponder upon this knowledge for the purpose of bringing to light new thoughts that is the higher good to which we strive.

The Thought Pages

Sight seem so mundane but within pictures are marvels that transcend almost anything else we are capable of experiencing. So rarely do we stop and truly appreciate the marvels all about us, but captured in a picture such marvels can be enjoyed by all.

The Picture Pages